S.N.R.E. Power Packs are integrated and modular cases which consist of solar panels, battery, inverter and solar charge controller. These Power Packs are designed to meet energy requirements of areas which have intermittent or no grid supply of electricity. S.N.R.E. Power Packs combine the proven solar technology into easy to use and install cases which are reliable, robust, cost-effective and environment friendly alternate source of energy. S.N.R.E. Power Packs are ideal solution for semi-urban and rural areas which experience constant disruption in electricity supply and voltage fluctuations. Due to compact size and flexibility in installation, S.N.R.E. Power Packs are also suitable to situations where small installation footprint is available.


  • Modular design with option of add-on solar modules to meet increasing demand
  • Available with back-up of 4-8 hours in standalone mode
  • Robust design to operate in harsh environmental conditions
  • Equipped with Bi-Directional Inverter which allows operation on both Solar Power and Grid Power
  • Advance electronics to protect against overload, short circuit, deep discharge, over charge and current reverse flow conditions

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